Why? Wine and Cupcakes!

Last week, CLEmom and I attended another fabulous wine and cupcakes pairing put on by Miss WineOH. I always enjoy these events: they are laid-back, fun, and of course, tasty! This event was held at the Olde Wine Cellar in scenic Olmsted Falls.

This cozy wine shop has a fantastic variety of interesting wines. My favorite name that I saw while browsing? Naked on Roller Skates!

Anyway, back to the tasting…

Our first two mini cupcakes of the evening came from Indulgence Cakes and the rest from A Cookie and a Cupcake. First up was a 2010 Chateau Belair Moustet White Bordeaux paired with an olive oil and peach cupcake topped with herbed marscapone icing.

The wine – as Tammy told us – would pair well with food without dominating the flavors in the dish. While the wine was pleasant, there was nothing particularly striking about it. The cupcake was interesting and tasty – I expected it to be mainly savory, but found the peach and marscapone sweetness to be the more dominant flavors.

Next was a 2009 Bonny Doon Albarino Ca’ de Solo Estate paired with a white chocolate wasabi cupcake with plum sake filling.

If I thought the first cupcake was interesting, nothing could prepare me for the sweet heat of cupcake #2. The wine brought out the zing of the wasabi and made for a delectable pairing. This was my favorite of the night!

Our third pairing was a 2009 Root 1 Pinot Noir matched with a dark chocolate and bacon cupcake.

CLEmom samples the cupcake

Red wine, chocolate, and bacon? Nothing wrong with that!

Next up was a 2008 Hey Mambo Sultry Red paired with five-flavor pound cake with lemon icing.

The five flavors in the pound cake are vanilla, lemon, butter, rum and coconut. The lemon taste was very prevalent and I was surprised how well this paired with a red wine. This was definitely CLEmom’s favorite cupcake of the night.

We then switched back to savory flavors with a 2010 Amberhill Secret Blend paired with a roasted garlic cupcake with gouda icing.

It is so goud-a!

I’m not sure what I expected from this one, but it was straight-up a garlic cupcake. The natural sweet and spice of the garlic paired perfectly with the wine and really worked in cupcake form.

Last was the course I thought would be my favorite…a 2007 InZINerator paired with a cherry chocolate cupcake with salted caramel filling.

I love zinfandel, I love chocolate, I love salted caramel. But I did not love this pairing. What happened? Well, the wine is a blend that includes port, making it thicker and clingier than I’m used to from a zinfandel. Also, the cherry in the cupcake icing was very powerful. I think the combination of strong cherry and port in the wine was just too much for some. In fairness, some people loved the combination, but it wasn’t for me.

It was the perfect illustration of what Tammy always says at her events – not every wine or every pairing works for everyone. And, at the end of the day, you should drink what you like. It was a great event and such a fun mother/daughter evening! For more information on upcoming tastings, check out Miss WineOH’s site.

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  1. Sandra Davenport

    I wasn’t able to make this tasting, loved your comments. You’re right, not everyone will feel the same about each pairing, but your descriptions made me feel like I was there! Thanks for your post!

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