Why? Our New Home!

***A bit of blogkeeping: Thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those impacted by the tragic school shooting in Chardon. The Geauga County United Way has established a Chardon Healing Fund. Please consider donating, if you can.***

I’ve mentioned on the blog a bit about CLEguy and I buying a new home. Let me start out by saying we’re not crazy…even though being double-digit days away from our wedding and moving into a new home at the same time feels a little crazy.

For the past couple weeks, our lives have been largely consumed with packing boxes, moving boxes, unpacking boxes. I’ve allowed myself very little time to come up for air, which is not good, but it’s all in the name of making our new home into a wonderful place for us to live: sort of an ends-justify-the-means mentality.

So, before I get into how amazing our new home is, I’m officially apologizing to everyone I’ve driven to distraction with trying to get things done, to everyone I’ve been MIA for, and to anyone who has had the unfortunate luck of talking to me on a really tired day. Having you all on my side is worth way more than unpacked boxes.

That said, buying this house has been such an exciting and monumental thing. CLEguy and I have been living in a house that he bought almost eight years ago. While I really liked the house, having a house now that both of us chose and that both of us own is a really special way to start our almost-married lives.

Last Friday, we got the keys and had a little celebration with a bottle of bubbly and some take-out sushi from Lure Bistro.


We’re only a mile from downtown Willoughby and all the great restaurants and bars around that area. I can’t wait for summertime walks up to Willoughby Brewing Company!

On Sunday, a cadre of fabulous friends and our wonderful parents helped us move boxes to the new house. Yes, this was the day after Jump Back Ball. Yes, I told you we’re a little crazy.

Yesterday, Armbruster Moving brought our furniture over. Seriously, if you’re over 30 and/or own more than a futon, hire movers. CLEguy’s aunt and uncle had sent us a housewarming present of (more) bubbly and a pair of toasting flutes. At 10pm, when we could barely keep our eyes open, we toasted over reheated pizza to our health, prosperity, and happiness.

I’ll share with you a picture of the one room in the house that is basically unpacked…and I happen to think it’s the most amazing room in the house anyway.

This is our fabulous kitchen. If it’s possible to choose a house based on just one room, this room made me want this house. I can’t wait to cook in here with CLEguy, have our friends and family over, and really make a life here!

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  1. PIP Aunt Kat

    Heck, with a kitchen like that, I’d come over and cook for you. It’s just lovely and I am extremely jealous, in a good way. 😉 Good luck and best wishes in your new home.

    1. I think the entire PIP team (including Aunt Kat and PIP Mom) should invade that kitchen for a good old fashioned cooking class style get together. I haven’t seen WhyCLE mom in far too long…

      So happy for you guys – can’t wait to come visit!!

  2. ohiofestivals

    Wow! Not only am I salivating by the Lure Sushi (I’ve been meaning to go there sometime), but I absolutely love your kitchen!

    May I be the first to suggest a Willoughby take-out Blogger party at your place! In exchange, I will happily offer to host an Oberlin take-out Blogger party for whenever we find a place. Fingers crossed.

  3. Joyce Mariani

    just the most beautiful arena for your cooking talent! congrats!
    For the first time last week happened to eat at a restaurant in downtown Willoughby (Pranzo). cool architecture!

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