Why? CLE Wedding Update!

So, I was amazed at how many of you wanted to read about the wedding plans. My first wedding update post back in January was a hit! I thought I’d drop in another update post to let you know what’s going on, since we’re now less than two months from the big day!


Matthew and I registered at Crate and Barrel, Williams-Sonoma, and Macy’s. I tell you this not so you can buy us presents, but so I can tell you what was great about registering at these spots. Macy’s is obviously really convenient for just about everyone and always has sales going. The cook in both of us (and our amazing new kitchen) made Williams-Sonoma a must. And Crate and Barrel is a classic.

We went to the Crate and Barrel bridal registry event, which was so worthwhile. Crate and Barrel hosts these on Sundays twice a year. The store is “open” from 9am-12pm just to couples who are registering. You get a lot of one-on-one attention, plus fun treats.

We had faux mimosas (tip: I would have registered for more expensive things if I was drinking real mimosas), mini paninis, waffles, and more, all made with Crate and Barrel products.

To keep the peace when registering at multiple locations, switch off who controls the scanner. And then log-on when you get home and add (or delete) to your heart’s content. Seriously, I keep checking out the registries to see what’s been bought and then I get ridiculously excited or start trying to figure out where to put it in the house. I have issues.

Dress Fittings and Test Hair

I’m pretty sure there are few things less nerve-wracking than dress fittings. I’ve had my two and the dress is ready to go. Seriously, all that’s left is for Demetrios to steam it and then I pick it up the week of the wedding. Eek!

I had my test hair done this week and I love it! I’m having my hair done at Illusion Unlimited in Parma. I’ve had my hair done there for years and there’s no better feeling than having someone who knows you and who you trust working with you for the big day.

Best of all, the style looks exactly like the picture I found. I also had a mini dance party and it didn’t all come falling down or anything, so we’re safe there!


Speaking of dance party…last post I told you we chose Selective Sound as our DJ company. We met our DJ, Rick, recently to finalize all the details. Beyond just coordinating the schedule for the reception and handling introductions, Rick made music suggestions, got to know us and our tastes, and made me convinced the reception is going to be a great party. I may have selected an abnormal amount of Beyonce songs, however. I figure my bustle is the closest thing to a Beyonce booty I’ll ever have, so I might as well enjoy it!

Invitations and RSVPs

I had my “Cleveland Bridesmaids” (I have 2 out-of-town bridesmaids as well) over one Sunday to stuff invitations.

What happens when a group of Type A women set about a task? It gets done ridiculously quickly, leaving us more time to drink wine!

Before the wine...
After the wine...

Receiving RSVPs makes going to the mailbox ridiculously fun. The “no” RSVPs tend to bum me out a bit, but only because I think everyone we invited is special and important in our lives. But for the most part, it’s a total rush of fun getting RSVPs. Check back when the RSVP deadline has passed and I’m short on responses, though…


Our ceremony is at St. John Vianney Catholic church. As part of the preparation, we spent all day one Saturday at a Pre-Cana retreat. I have to say, we weren’t initially thrilled with the idea of giving up an entire Saturday. We had just moved, there was so much to do, and so on. But it was really worth it.

There were talks from married couples in the parish, there was small group discussion with other engaged couples, and (my favorite part) we received letters from our family and friends. I opened my grandfather’s letter first. At 87, his eyesight isn’t great and his penmanship has suffered along with it, but he handwrote a 5 page letter. If that doesn’t melt you and make you feel infinitely supported, nothing will.

The Emotional Stuff

OK, so less than two months out from the wedding…very different feeling than a year away or even six months away. First, I’ve become one of those people who talks about the wedding whenever possible. As in, I would like a chai latte and by the way, I’m getting married. I probably annoy people with this (or at least confuse them). I’m honestly so crazy excited and so insanely happy that I think I’m going to burst. So, I’ll try to keep it down, but I’m not sure it’ll work…

I think the main thing I realized recently is that I’m ready. Not as in, I’m ready for June 2 and every I is dotted and T is crossed. As in, I’m ready to be married. It’s a different feeling than when we first got engaged. I was sure of Matthew and of us and our future. But it was still out there in the future. That’s why you have an engagement period, I suppose: to transition from seeing it in the future to being ready for it in the present. And I am so ready to be his wife. Wow.

So, that’s where we’re at in this crazy journey. Still to come: seating arrangements, bridal shower, bachelorette party…

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  1. This post seriously brought me to tears. I’m so happy for you and Matthew!! For someone who has no grandparents left, the idea of receiving a 5 page letter from one of them is beyond awesome. You are such a lucky girl! And you are going to be a gorgeous bride (yay for letting us see your hair!) – can’t wait to see the Beyonce booty shake it on the dance floor 😉

  2. Since you were just down the street, I should have crashed your trial run of your updo – I really really like how it came out! I went back to Illusions for the first time in a long time recently: so long that they still had me under my maiden name! I’m so excited for your big day: you think you’re emotional now, just wait!!

  3. Holly

    Great update! You are right it is better to receive a “no” RSVP than to have to track down a RSVP that was never sent back! I talk from experience. 😉

  4. Kelli

    Great update… It totally brought back memories of mine over 19 years ago. Everything your doing and thinking is exactly what I went through then. And I know in 19 years, you will be still as happy as you a today. We still laugh with people that we are still in the honeymoon stage! Best wishes and good luck! Your day will be awesome!

  5. PLP

    Eeeee, this makes me so excited!!! I LOVE the hair, perfect – classic and beautiful, just like you 😉 I’m just so proud and happy and about to cry, I can’t wait for the big day (and to finally meet Matthew!) xoxo

  6. That hairstyle is gorgeous – the perfect match for what I know will be a beautiful dress and bride!

    I think I’m more excited, though, to read how ready you are. I remember the biggest take-away from our pre-cana (we also weren’t eager to give up a full day) was the reminder that it’s the marriage – not the wedding – that should be your focus.

    As much fun as the wedding will be, what you are celebrating (your continuing journey together from dating to engaged to marriage) is the important part.

    And it’s great to read that you get that since it can be easy to miss that part in the midst of all the hectic wedding planning. 🙂

    Can’t wait to celebrate with you and Matt in June!

  7. Whitney H (@Hare2Hartman)

    I just read your previous wedding post… I had the same wedding shoes and also got my dress from Demetrios! I remember being so excited to get the mail while waiting for RSVPs and and wanting to talk about my wedding non-stop too! Enjoy the end of the planning and registry stalking!

  8. Finally a wedding update, love hearing about this. and your hair looks great. You could be a hair model! Can’t wait to hear more about your big day. Love seeing everything that goes into it!

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