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Back in November, I told you I was taking a leap of faith. I decided to change my current job and find something that truly made me happy. So, here’s where the journey has taken me so far…

I’m currently working for my stepdad’s company. While this isn’t the permanent stop on the journey, it provides not only something to do, but the sense that the work I’m doing is contributing to my family.

I’ve found that I was far from alone in feeling uninspired and in needing to hit the reset button. In big and small ways, many of you are in that place too. Whether you take the leap I took or not, it’s worth stepping back even a bit and evaluating if you’re where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing. I think the world in general is more open than ever before to people making career shifts, to choosing happiness and fulfillment.

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Cleveland continues to be a pretty amazing place to be making this transition in my life. Not only because I have the support of friends and family, but because there really are a plethora of jobs out there. Beyond that, there are networking groups and resources that make a career search here easier.

That said, transitioning is difficult. Not everyone understands making a hard left off what seemed to be a safe and secure road. And some days I definitely have more questions than answers. I have a friend who said job hunting is a lot like dating. She meant it in the sense of nervousness and waiting for phone calls and the like, but I think it’s true in a greater sense. When you’re not just job hunting, but also seeking career fulfillment, it can be pretty daunting. Sometimes it’s more about knowing what you don’t want, what you’re not looking for, than what you are seeking.

Some days I think I never should have left my other job, never should have started on this path. Then I realize that, despite the unanswered questions, I am more at peace now than I have been in a long time. Putting all the puzzle pieces in place in a new and unknown order has been and will continue to be a lot of work. But I don’t doubt that it’s worth it, not only for me but for the people in my life.

I mentioned back in November wanting teaching to be a piece of the puzzle. Well, just this week, that piece clicked into place. In the fall, I will be teaching two courses at my alma mater, John Carroll University. I couldn’t be more excited to be not only teaching, but teaching somewhere that means so much to me. I get to implement my degrees in a way that works for me.

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Beyond that, I’ll continue the journey, continue to work the process, and trust that with my efforts and a little luck, I’ll end up where I’m supposed to be.

Have you ever made a career transition? How did it work out?

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  1. I know I said it a couple days ago but this news deserves another congratulations! I’m really happy and think this is a great next step in your career transition.

    While I stayed within my industry, I remember moving from an arts organization to a corporate setting 6 years ago and how that transition went. When I got out of college, I thought I was always going to work for a non profit and I remember how moving to my current job taught me there were a lot of different environments where I could utilize my skills and experience. It was a great lesson and both jobs have served me equally well.

    Congratulations again – I’m really proud of you for going after what you want!

  2. I think it’s wonderful that you’re following your bliss and seeking out what makes you happy. You are definitely not alone in this regard, and you’re so right about job hunting being like dating — I’ve found the reverse to be true too, LOL! Here’s to new beginnings. 🙂

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