Why? Gervasi Vineyard!

This weekend, I took Matthew for a birthday surprise getaway. He knew we were going somewhere, he just didn’t know where. When his birthday started approaching, I was having difficulty deciding what to do. Alicia suggested we go to Gervasi Vineyard for the weekend.

I had heard about Gervasi before, but didn’t know you could stay overnight. The Villas were the perfect place to stay. The villas are arranged around winding brick paths and remind you of being in Italy.

The villa we stayed in – Villa Sorrento – had four guest rooms, plus a common area. The Villas are a short walk from the rest of the Vineyard attractions. Friday night, we strolled over to The Bistro for dinner. First, we split a wine flight to decide which variety we liked best.

We sampled the Piove (Riesling), the Nebbiolo (a red blend), and the Primitivo (Zinfandel). While all were very good, the Primitivo quickly became our wine of choice for the entire weekend. We paired our wine flight with a plate of Italian meats and cheeses – a perfect compliment.

During dinner, we enjoyed the rustic atmosphere of the Bistro. The few TVs scattered throughout show scenes of Italy, which Matthew loved since he spent a semester there in college. For dinner, I chose the prawns and mussels, served over squid ink pasta with a lemon basil sauce.

The prawns were massive and perfectly cooked so they were still tender, the mussels were delicious, and I could have drank the lemon basil sauce!

Matthew chose the Tuscan beef short ribs for his entree. We also split a side dish of gnocchi Sorrento.

The short ribs were fall-apart tender and tasted more like pot roast. The gnocchi was a great side dish to hit our taste buds with traditional Italian flavors.

For dessert, Matthew got to make a wish in a bowl of vanilla bean gelato.

Completely stuffed, we made our way back to our villa to rest up for the next day.

Saturday morning started with delivery of our complimentary continental breakfast, including berry muffins, croissant, quiche, and more. What a great way to start the day without even leaving your villa!

After breakfast, we took advantage of one of the many neat add-on options to your stay with a private yoga session. Our teacher showed up with a rolling yoga studio of sorts and we practiced on the villa patio for an hour.

After class, I had another surprise up my sleeve. Some of our family and friends came down to meet us for lunch on The Piazza.

We sipped on sangria, munched pizza, and chatted.

My parents brought a delicious birthday cake from Cakes by Nadine and everyone had a wonderful time celebrating the birthday boy.

After lunch (and a quick nap), we explored the rest of Gervasi Vineyard. There is a towpath that runs along the property and we also took a walk through the vineyard.

We popped into the Marketplace shop and then ended our exploration with a class of Primitivo sitting in chairs near the lake, watching people play bocce ball and cornhole.

For a late-night dinner on Saturday, we returned to The Bistro and split an appetizer and entree. For our appetizer, we chose the bruschetta trio.

Three different varieties of bruschetta: roasted tomatoes with balsamic and mozzarella, carmelized onions with golden raisins and Gorgonzola, and fig jam with goat cheese. My favorite was the fig and goat cheese and Matthew enjoyed the tomato and mozzarella best.

For our entree, we shared gnocchi with veal sausage.

The hearty sauce packed with peppers and onions, along with the savory veal sausage and housemade pasta made this dish a total treat.

Sunday morning, we reluctantly packed up and headed home. It was a fabulous weekend! Gervasi Vineyard is the perfect distance away from Cleveland for an evening of fun or an entire weekend getaway. The food and wine are fabulous and the setting is truly beautiful. I definitely recommend you check it out!

What’s your favorite weekend getaway spot?

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  1. Ive been to Gervasi numerous of times but never stayed at the villa! I’ve heard nothing but great things about it!! For sure going to surprise my fiancé for her birthday with one of those! How far in advance did you boon the Vila?

  2. Smitten...in cleveland

    What a wonderfully romantic weekend. I still can’t get over how adorable that breakfast in a box is. And please tell me you brought home bottles of Primitivo.

  3. What a weekend away, and you didn’t even have to travel all that far! I’m really happy you secured a reservation before they all got booked up for the summer. Makes me want to book one for myself…

    Many happy birthday wishes to Matt!!

  4. That all looked like so much fun – was chatting with Scott about it and hoping to make an anniversary trip there the year after next (if a comic convention didn’t fall on our anniversary this year, we’d be booking Gervasi now). Glad he was surprised and that you both had a lot of fun!

  5. It is romantic there! Not sure if I can justify staying at the Villa since it’s so close to my house, but it does sound inviting and would be a great recommendation for out-of-town guests. Love the Piazza for a summer meal….and I’m dying to try out a cooking class – I’ve heard great things about those as well. We’re so lucky to have Gervasi right here in Canton.

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