Why? Weekends!

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Wasn’t it just a gorgeous weekend in Cleveland?! We took every advantage of the lovely weather and packed our weekend full of fun.

Friday evening, I met up with my friend Chrissy for beers and a quick bite at The Market Garden Brewery.

Chrissy had the Tarte Blanche Blonde Ale with raspberry puree added and I chose the Refuge Saison. I loved the beer, but I also love that a portion of the proceeds from Rufuge Saison are donated to the Ohio City Farm’s Refugee Response program.

From there, I met up with Matthew and some friends at the Feast of the Assumption in Little Italy.

It was, of course, completely packed, as this tends to be everyone in Cleveland’s favorite summer festival. The Feast even attracted a local celebrity – Super Pimp!

Of course, The Feast isn’t just about the people-watching, which is fantastic. It’s also about the food. We tried a sausage sandwich, cheese ravioli from Corbo’s which was ridiculously good, stuffed hot peppers from Nido Italia which were ridiculously hot, and tiramisu from Presti’s which was the perfect end to our culinary stroll.

The Feast is such a representation of Cleveland: you will see every ethnicity in attendance; you will encounter every age from children to 20-somethings to older generations; you will experience everything from a traditional church carnival to a crazy dance party; and you will do it all while eating some awesome food and seeing the pride people take in their culture and neighborhood. I just love it!

Saturday, Matthew and I had back-to-back parties on opposite sides of town. We started at our friends’ Dominic and Kelly’s pool party.

Dominic and Kelly put in a pool and built an incredible deck to go with it, which was the perfect spot for a party! It was a little chilly to swim, but we still got to enjoy the awesome additions to their backyard.

From there, we flew (haha) to Amanda’s Surprise Super Hero 30th Birthday Party!

From paper masks to super hero t-shirts to full-out costumes, everyone got in the spirit! Matthew and I dressed as Captain America and Wonder Woman, but there were also some unique super heroes in attendance, including Yoga Girl, Astronaut Man, Cooker Girl, and Water Girl.

Being intense and powerful, but I look more like an angry duck
A near attack by Cooker Girl!

Speaking of Cooker Girl, she whipped up another scrumptious birthday cake, right on theme with Amanda’s favorite super hero.

You can bring your own Cooker Girl cake home for your next party – trust me, they’re a huge hit – just click here for more info.

It was a super fun super hero party and a great way to celebrate a dear friend! Happy 30th, Amanda! May this year be your absolute best so far! KAPOW!

Giant Fistbump

How was your weekend, CLE? Did you check out The Feast?

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