Why? Birthday Recap!

I’ll admit it: I love my birthday. This year, like every year, I got spoiled by some of my favorite people. And while I love that people make a big deal out of my special day, anyone who knows me will tell you I’ll make an equally big deal out of other people’s special days.

My mom had us over for a fabulous dinner the weekend before my birthday. She is a wonderful cook and I thoroughly enjoyed grilled Chilean sea bass with mango salsa, coconut mango rice, asparagus, and homemade cake!

It was a day of good quality family time, from dinner to enjoying a sunny, breezy Corvette ride with my dad. Those kinds of days are one of the best gifts you can get.

Good times with the fam

On Wednesday, the actual day of my birth, I finagled (underused word) a half-day of work. I was able to start my day with practicing yoga at Cleveland Yoga. This is not my usual spot to practice and I heard that their power yoga classes can be pretty intense. Well, I totally got my birthday butt kicked, but I loved being able to start my year with yoga. I’m still a sworn Nishkama Yoga girl. Although, if you’re up for trying Cleveland Yoga, $15 (the drop-in price) will get you 8 days of unlimited yoga as a new student to the studio!

That afternoon, my mom took me out to lunch at Lola Bistro. I don’t frequent Lola as much as I do it’s sister restaurant, Lolita, which is on my “top 3 restaurants” list. In fact, I hadn’t been to Lola since my birthday three years ago! Yikes! It was a welcome return to this lovely restaurant and an appropriate choice given that Chef Michael Symon and I share a birthday.

Scallops, blueberry pomegranate sorbet, and beef cheek pierogi (not eaten in that order)

Wednesday evening was essentially Girls’ Bday Night Out, with a side of husbands who patiently pretended not to hear certain conversations and provided rides home. My dear friend Melissa organized the get-together at Market Avenue Wine Bar, a favorite spot for its cozy decor and fabulous wine selection.

Two new favorites

We started the evening with one of the sweetest bubbly toasts I’ve ever heard courtesy of Kimberly and ended with delicious cupcakes from Great Scott’s Bakery courtesy of Melissa.

The Boston Creme Pie cupcake was my favorite

In between, there was plenty of laughter, wine, and food with the my nearests and dearests. Everyone there is such a huge, vibrant, wonderful part of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful to have gotten to celebrate with them.

This weekend, I’m cashing in on Matthew’s perfect birthday present : a trip to DC to see old friends and missed sites.

I’m a very lucky lady to have such wonderful, generous, loving people to help me celebrate another trip around the sun! Much thanks to all of you for making the start of my 31st year a great one…I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

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  1. Daniela

    I was reading your blog and realized we had the same exact birthday dinner! I have been enjoying your blogs for about a month now since I first discovered it. My birthday was back in July and it was my first time at Lola’s. I have the biggest chef crush on Michael Symon! I thoroughly enjoyed the beef cheek pierogies and the scallops! Somehow he literally made the scallops taste like they were made out of bacon; absolutely scrumptious! Anyways, thought I’d post and let you know that I appreciate the fact that this blog is about Cleveland and all the awesome that goes along with that. Also, happy belated birthday!

    Fellow Cleveland <3-er,

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