Why? Weekends!

This weekend my dear friend, former bridesmaid, fellow dog-lover, and all around fabulous gal Jen came up from DC for a visit. She brought her black lab Skylos as well, so we had a full house of three people, three dogs, and lots of fun!

photo 14

Jen is pretty laid-back and her only request for while she was here was dinner at Melt Bar and Grilled. So, Friday night, we headed there for some cheesy, carby goodness. I had the Rising Sun melt, Jen had the Gyro Melt, and Matthew had the Northcoast Shores Melt.

photo 13

Saturday morning, I met up with my friend Katie to burn off the cheese and carbs at Harmony Yoga. This was Katie’s first power vinyasa class and I was so impressed how far she’s come in just a couple months of practicing.

Saturday afternoon was spent doing a photo shoot. Jen is an awesome photographer who is building up her business in the DC area. She kindly offered to do photo shoots for friends to add to her portfolio. So, we spent a sunny Saturday afternoon bopping around Ohio City and the Flats doing a glamour shoot with an urban backdrop.

We started with lunch at the West Side Market. The Market is a gorgeous backdrop for photos and a must-see for any non-Clevelander, plus we got to eat some tasty crepes from Crepes De Luxe. The Market was absolutely jammed and it was great to see so many people out and about!


From there, it was down to the Flats for some more glamorous photos. I felt like a model and I definitely credit the photographer for that! Matthew also came along and not only got to play around with his camera, but even got pulled into a few photos. It was a really fun experience and I can’t wait to see the finished product!

After all that hard modeling work, it was time for some refreshments. Matthew, Jen, and I met up with Beth and Enzo at Barrio for margaritas and tacos.


I really like Barrio’s build-your-own-taco concept. Don’t be afraid to add on lots of sauces and salsas. The meat was all very mildly seasoned, so you need those add-ons for flavor.


Sunday, it was time for another photo shoot, this time with my too-cute nieces! Apparently, after photos, we just naturally need margaritas. We headed to my mom’s for a southwest-style feast. Alicia and Amanda joined us, too. We started with a beginner’s yoga session to introduce my Mom to yoga, then proceeded to enjoy great food and great conversation.


This morning, Jen is hitting the road back home. It was a whirlwind trip and we packed in as many friends and as much Cleveland goodness as we could. Now I owe Jen a trip to DC!


How was your weekend? When friends visit Cleveland, where do you like to take them?


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  1. Katie

    I’m so glad you’re my yoga buddy!! =) Though I still have to work on the part of me that wanted to sit in the middle of the room with my arms crossed and say “No.” to a one-arm forearm stand…..

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