Why? Fresh Fork!

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Since the weather wants to stay winter-y, I’ve still been cooking up hearty comfort foods from our Fresh Fork Market winter share.

What We Got:


1 pint maple syrup
1.5 lbs whole wheat flour
1 lb breakfast sausage links
1 lb granola
1 package frozen vegetable
1 package frozen turkey stock parts
1 package chicken patties
1 lb carrots
5 lbs white kennebec potatoes
Quarter peck apples

What We Made:

Parmesan Sage Pork Chops (click here for the recipe)

photo 2

These were some tasty pork chops! They were browned in the pan just enough to get crispy, then baked the rest of the cooking time. Our Fresh Fork pork chops were so thick, I had to nearly double the cooking time.

Apple and Onion Pork Loin (click here for the recipe)

photo 5

So, this is a pork-themed post. That’s OK, right? I love slow cooker recipes because the meat gets so tender and the house smells great all day! I used our Fresh Fork pork loin and apples for this dish. I made my own rub, as suggested in the recipe, and also used prepared chicken broth instead of bouillon and water.

Savory Polenta (click here for the recipe)

photo 4

We had Fresh Fork cornmeal, so I decided to try this recipe as a side dish for the pork loin. The flavors of the two dishes went together perfectly and I was happy with how creamy the polenta turned out.

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower (click here for the recipe)

photo 3

This made an easy side dish for a weeknight dinner. The cumin and cayenne added a nice kick to plain old veggies. I served this with grilled Jamaican jerk chicken breasts.

Pumpkin Linguine (click here for the sauce recipe)

photo 1I had Ohio City Pasta pumpkin and black pepper linguine from a previous Fresh Fork delivery and needed a sauce to go with it. So, I took to the Internet and found the link above. I used the caramelized onion and balsamic sauce suggested in the first comment, but added garlic too and substituted balsamic glaze for balsamic vinegar.

We also did a yummy breakfast for dinner one night, with all Fresh Fork ingredients: breakfast sausage links, pan-fried potatoes, and scrambled eggs. How have you been using your Fresh Fork winter share? Are you as addicted to the granola we got as I am?




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