Why? Weekends!

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So, prior to anniversary celebrating this weekend, Matthew was at a bachelor party on Put in Bay, so I had the chance to indulge in some girl time. Friday evening, I met up with Chrissy and Laura for dinner at Brio.

Most of our men-folk were at the aforementioned bachelor party, so food, wine, and girl talk seemed a perfect way to spend the evening. Plus, with Chrissy’s wedding only three weeks away, there was lots to talk about!


I’m usually wary of chain restaurants, but I think Brio generally does a nice job. I had the chicken limone, with lemon sauce, capers, mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables.


The mashed potatoes were a bit dry and the restaurant’s crowded, noisy environment reminded me more of a bar. While the dinner company far made up for these shortcomings, I think you’re more likely to find me at 87 West than at Brio on west side evenings.

After I got home from dinner, I engaged in some “secret single behaviors:” you know those things you only do when you’re significant other is not around. Julie had a great post on her secret single behaviors awhile ago.


Don Draper and ice cream while in my PJ’s? Yes, please!

On Saturday morning, I watched some “Golden Girls” reruns (more secret single behavior). Then, I got in some working out and some relaxing at Harmony Yoga.

That afternoon, my sisters-in-law Elizabeth and Amanda and world’s cutest niece #2, Hannah, met up with me for a family bridal shower.


Matthew’s cousin Grace is getting married at the end of the month. Lots of weddings in June this year!

Because of my complete inability to (1) sit still and (2) turn down wine and/or time with Alicia, I filled up my previously free Saturday evening by crashing Alicia’s friend’s bachelorette party at the wineries.


If you remember, Alicia’s brother Drew crashed my wedding reception and Alicia crashed Chrissy’s bachelorette, so I figured I was owed a crashing of my own. Much thanks to Melissa, the bride-to-be, for welcoming me to the group! We started with dinner at Ferrante Winery, then moved on to downtown Geneva on the Lake.


I had a blast, both just hanging out and reminiscing about my own winery bachelorette party!

Sunday, I yoga-ed some more and then Matthew was home and we were off for our anniversary stay-cation (stay tuned). How was your weekend? What are your secret single behaviors?


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  1. Two things:
    1) That mint top looks lovely on you!
    2) I love that you watch the Golden Girls. It’s my (not so secret) single behavior. Actually, if I’m honest, my husband is well aware of it.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your peachy pink dress..you look FAB! The wineries are always a fun time for a bachelorette party. Looks like you had fun!!

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