Why? Anniversary Stay-cation!

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For our anniversary last weekend, Matthew and I wanted to get away just for a night. So, we decided to do a staycation right in CLE. We booked a night at Washington Place Inn, a fabulous B&B in Little Italy.


As much as we always love our time in Little Italy, we don’t get there enough, so this event provided the perfect excuse to immerse ourselves in the neighborhood.

To start out, we wandered through the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful evening to be outside and enjoy the flowers! I love being at the Garden and knowing you’re in the heart of a busy area of the city, yet feeling completely cut off from all of that noise and commotion.


On Sunday evening, we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Washington Place Bistro. I had the seared salmon, served with Chef’s Garden potatoes, pole beans, and tomatoes, with a white wine and avocado puree. It was light, summery, and flavorful.


Matthew had the duck pasta, with pancetta, peas, micro greens, and parmesan. The small bite I managed to snag was delicious!

We barely had room for dessert, but I’m so glad we indulged in the espresso brownie with Mitchell’s salted caramel ice cream. I will have dreams about this one!


One of our bridal shower gifts was bottles of wine to be enjoyed on certain occasions throughout our marriage, including our first anniversary. After dinner, we enjoyed this special bottle in our room.


While we intended to spend most of Monday around University Circle, almost all of the museums are closed on Mondays (planning fail on our part). Instead, we ended up sleeping in, enjoying our continental breakfast in bed, and then just wandering aimlessly around Little Italy. I highly endorse this kind of non-planning every now and then. It tends to lead to moments like this:


We enjoyed lunch in at Maxi’s Bistro (including wine before noon!) and a necessary stop at Presti’s Bakery. In the never-ending debate between Corbo’s and Presti’s, I give a nod to Presti’s!


It was a wonderful way to celebrate our anniversary and a great reminder that you don’t have to go far to enjoy a relaxing, almost vacation-like time. And maybe, just maybe, you don’t always have to have a perfect plan. Have you ever done a staycation? Where did you go?


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  1. Happy Anniversary! I love wandering around Little Italy- and quite honestly, you can’t go wrong with either Presti’s or Corbos! Though I really do love the cream puffs at Corbos…

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