Why? Weekends!

This weekend, Matthew and I had a little getaway with Alicia and Hans, Kimberly and Chris, and Amanda and Scott for a “Tri-County Wives Club” summer fun weekend.

We stayed at The Victorian Lady Bed & Breakfast in Norwalk. This lovely B&B provided the perfect setting for our weekend.


Friday evening, we relaxed with Chinese food, adult beverages, and board games. The B&B’s back patio overlooking beautiful gardens was a great spot to unwind.


Saturday morning, we feasted on a delicious homemade breakfast spread. Then it was off to Cedar Point. Most of the group started off with Gatekeeper, the newest ride in the park.


We also enjoyed the Gemini, Cadillac cars, Raptor, and carousel throughout the day. The park was really crowded, so we didn’t get to ride quite as much as we wanted, though.


Cedar Point Pro-tip: pack a lunch and some lawn chairs and enjoy a tailgate-style meal in the parking lot.

IMG_6551You’ll save money for dinner (we went to Famous Dave’s), drinks, and winning a stuffed “Despicable Me” minion later in the day.


On Sunday, we needed some wave pool and swim-up bar action, so we spent the day at Soak City. We camped at the swim-up bar all day, but also checked out the lazy river and some of the slides. It felt like we were on vacation!


It was a fantastic weekend with some of our favorite people and we somehow managed to have perfect, sunny weather!


How was your weekend? Have you been to Cedar Point yet this year?



3 Responses

  1. FUN! Dave and I made it to Cedar Point + it was the best park I have ever been to. I wish we had time to go back. Love all the photos! See you this week!
    The Pumpkin Spot


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