Why? Weekends!

Ah, summer weekends. You just fly by! On Friday night, Matthew and I headed down to Twinsburg for one of the shows in the Rock the Park concert series. The Perici Amphitheater in Glen Chamberlain Park is a bit like a mini Blossom. And it was perfect weather for an outdoor show!


We first hit up the VIP area, with 2 complimentary drinks and nibbles, plus Rock the Park swag! I was impressed by the food in the VIP area. I wasn’t expecting lobster mac ‘n cheese and mahi tacos from BayLobsters Fish Market and hummus and wraps from Chop It Salad Co.

IMG_6684The food was really good!

Then we spent the evening listening to Run Avril Run, who bills themselves as “Cleveland’s Dance Your Butt Off Band.” And, I think it’s true!


The band played a great mix of 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s cover tunes. It was a good time checking out a new concert venue!


There are three more concerts in the Rock the Park series: Almost Queen on August 9, Dashboard Lights on August 16, and a surprise guest on September 6. Tickets start at just $10 for general admission. To purchase tickets, click here.

On Saturday, Matthew and I hosted our second annual backyard BBQ. We were kind of blown away by how many people came! I may have bought out all the buns at the grocery store to be able to feed everyone.


I love how we can have so many different area of our lives represented in one place too, from high school and college friends to work colleagues to blogger buddies!


It was such a fun night with friends, some of whom we see often and some that we have events like this specifically to catch up with. Entertaining can be a lot of work, but it’s also totally worth it!


My weekend also included yoga, of course. Friday morning, I hit the 6am Hour of Power class at Harmony Yoga. I’m really starting to enjoy practicing early in the morning. It’s a great burst of energy for my day, if I can remember that when the alarm goes off! Sunday, I tried a yin yoga class, which was something new for me. In yin yoga, you do a lot of deep stretches for longer periods of time, like an 8-minute lizard-to-half-pigeon hip opener.

How was your weekend?


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  1. The BBQ looks like it was so much fun! Scott and I were really sad to miss it. I know there’s a running refrigerator joke somewhere to be had about my weekend drama, but it’s too early on Monday to think of one.

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