Why? Weekends!

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Saturday was the rarest of days for this girl, especially for a summer weekend: it was an unscheduled day! Matthew had an all-day bachelor party to attend, so I had an entire day stretching out in front of me with no plans and no obligations.

As much as I love going out, seeing friends, and staying busy, a day to recharge my batteries sounded so good. Not that I’m capable of doing absolutely nothing, but the idea that whatever came my way was unscheduled was the key.

I started my morning with Yoga at the River with Harmony Yoga. The weather finally held out for this outdoor practice by the Chagrin River. It was peaceful and relaxing and just the right way to start my day.


Next up was a pedicure. You gotta treat yo’self! I tried the new Zoya Pixie Dust nail polish in “Stevie,” a pretty lilac textured polish with glitter.

After that, I headed to Made in the 216 for a little shopping.


It was a beautiful day and Ohio City was absolutely jammed with people. I checked out lots of fabulous locally-made goodies from clothes to food to jewelry to artwork. You gotta love an event that celebrates all the awesome artistic talent we have right here in Cleveland!


I ended up taking home this piece, which is the perfect addition to our house!


From there, I decided to grab a bite to eat at TownHall. I ordered the Thai rice bowl with chicken. The food was solidly good, but the environment was what really charmed me. The restaurant is breezy and social and the perfect spot to relax on a sunny afternoon.


I spent my evening on the couch, watching movies and hanging out with the pups. I totally enjoyed my unplanned day. It was great to explore with no agenda, to have a bit of time just to myself, and to recharge. We all need that, no matter how much we love our spouses and friends and the things we do with them. Now, back to your regularly-scheduled (haha) summer…!

On Sunday, we attended my company picnic at Swings-N-Things. Since I just started this job in April, this was my first real chance to hang out with a lot of my co-workers in a non-office setting. From playing mini golf badly to eating too much at the buffet, it was a fun afternoon getting to see people outside the normal day-to-day business mode.


How was your weekend? What would you do with an unscheduled day?


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