Why? Weekends!

Aside from Friday night’s theater fun, it was a relatively low-key weekend for us. On Saturday, we attended a clambake at our friends Dominic and Kelly’s house. They have been putting on a clambake for years and have perfected a delicious broth to create some very tasty clams!


I heard that Northeast Ohio buys more clams than anywhere in the country during this season! We love our clambakes around here!

On Sunday, Matthew and his siblings threw a surprise 60th birthday party for his dad. Really, the surprise part was the most difficult, as the story to get his dad to the party unsuspectingly kept growing and involving more and more elements.


Ultimately, his dad got there and was thoroughly surprised. It was a lovely evening surrounded by his family and friends, celebrating quite a milestone birthday! Plus, family time equals time with the world’s cutest nieces, who are just my jam!

mycollage (23)

Aside from that, the weekend was low-key. I found myself still really tired from our Texas travels and not able to keep up the same velocity of activities this weekend. When I found myself getting frustrated at my seeming lack of activity, I had to remind myself that slowing down to take care of yourself is OK.

Image Source - thepreppyyogini.tumblr.com
Image Source – thepreppyyogini.tumblr.com

We all live such busy lives and we get so used to the pace, that even when our bodies (and our minds) are telling us we need to slow down, we fight against it. It sometimes takes a lot of strength just to surrender, to take time out and relax, and to care for yourself. But, really, if you don’t, you’re no good to all the other people and things in your life, right?

I’m trying to learn and be more responsive to needing self-care, but it’s definitely a work in progress for me. Do you have trouble slowing down? Have you ever felt the need to take a time-out for self-care?


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  1. I’m still in that rush, rush, rush phase after moving into our new house. I can’t wait until this weekend where, hopefully, life will slow down a bit!

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