Why? Weekends!

Friday night, I met up with Mom for a laid-back dinner at one of my favorite Italian spots: Mama Roberto’s. The portions are huge, the food is classic, and the garlic bread knots that they bring to your table piping hot the second you sit down are to die for!

I chose the meat ravioli. The pasta was tender, the meat had just the right seasoning, and the chunky tomato sauce was perfect.


Mom had the linguine with garlic and olive oil, topped with grilled chicken. Aside from being a massive portion, Mom found the sauce a bit greasy. Maybe a hint of cheese would help?

MR2But all in all, you never leave Mama Roberto’s hungry! It’s a local favorite, as evidenced by the long line for tables as we were leaving. For some great classic Italian food, definitely check it out!

Saturday was Sweetest Day, which I know is a made-up holiday, but did you know that it originated in Cleveland? So, since it’s OUR made-up holiday, I like to celebrate it. Matthew and I planned to go out to dinner, but neither of us was feeling well. And since the weather was so crappy, we pretty much spent the whole day curled up inside, emptying the DVR (“The Blacklist” is our new show this season and “Scandal” is always an addiction), making this really tasty celery soup in the Vitamix, and just generally being hermit crabs.

Image Source - pinkflaminoclouds.tumblr.com
Image Source – pinkflaminoclouds.tumblr.com

I was going to apologize to you all for being lame and not having much to tell you about Saturday, but then I remembered this awesome post from Heather. Maybe you had a lazy weekend too or maybe you need a good celery soup recipe or maybe you need to know that we don’t always go out, eat out, or even get out of our pajamas. And that’s totally OK. So, that was Saturday.

Sunday was our niece Hannah’s first birthday party, so it was time to rejoin the land of the living and celebrate this little sweetie.


How was your weekend? Did you find Saturday’s weather as unmotivating as we did?


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  1. I love that you included Heather’s post & shared about a Saturday spent in. It’s refreshing because I can’t imagine anyone can be on-the-go all the time, you’d burn out. It’s good to recharge, considering we’re not robots 🙂 Us CLE bloggers keep it real!

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