Why? Billy Joel!

Oh, I am tired today, friends! I may have overestimated my ability to ever stay up past midnight, much less be 32 weeks pregnant and up past midnight. That said, every ounce of exhaustion was totally worth it for a fabulous night out with some of my favorite people seeing one of my all-time favorite performers: Billy Joel!


Combine an awesome concert draw with the lovely spring weather and you’ve got a recipe for a bustling evening in downtown Cleveland. We had a delicious pre-concert dinner at Chinato, which was bumping last night, as all of East 4th Street was. For my meal, I had the gnocchi with butter, garlic, tomato, and basil.


This was a great dish that was not too heavy and full of fresh, spring-like flavors. Matthew and my Mom shared the bistecca alla Florentina for two.


While they both really enjoyed the meal, the portion was a bit small for two people (Matthew could have easily eaten the whole thing himself). With no time for dessert, we scurried over to the Q for the concert.

Billy Joel played the opening concert at Gund Arena 20 years ago, which is hard to believe it’s been that long. But the Piano Man went even further back, telling stories of his days playing at the Richfield Coliseum. The show itself was filled with classic fan favorites, as well as some lesser known cuts from older albums.


Plus, there were five encore songs! And every single one had the audience on their feet and signing along with every word. I grew up listening to Billy Joel with my Mom and being able to share the concert experience with her as an adult and be surrounded by people of all ages who just love his music was so cool. There’s something special about going to a concert like that, versus a new artist where people are still learning the music. This is a much more collective, shared-memory experience.

I also loved sharing the evening with my two best guys!


Matthew wasn’t as big a fan as I was going into the show, but he seemed to truly enjoy all of it and I even caught him singing along at points. And the baby might have a decent sense of rhythm based on the timing of some of his kicks!

All in all, it was a perfect evening of good food, great friends, and wonderful music! Did you go to the Billy Joel concert? What was your favorite song of the evening?


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  1. My best friend went, and I was wishing I could have gone with her. In Chicago, we saw The Police. I agree that seeing musicians you’ve been listening to is really cool – so many memories come back! OK, I will stop myself because I sound like my mom. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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