Why? Pearl of the Orient!

There are certain places in Cleveland that seem to fall into a black hole for me. I mean to get there, I hear great things, but I somehow never actually make it to the spot. Pearl of the Orient was one of those places. I had sampled their food at various events, such as the Silver Spoon Awards, but had never gotten there for a meal.

Last night, we met up with our dear friends Nathan and Lane for dinner at Pearl of the Orient. We were happy to find out that on Thursday evenings, bottles of wine are 50% off with the purchase of two dinner entrees.


After warming up with a bit of wine, we selected our dinner choices. Pearl of the Orient has an expansive menu, with lots of traditional Chinese food favorites, plus a whole section of Thai selections. They also feature traditional Peking duck, but it requires 24-hour notice to prepare!

For my dinner, I chose the firecracker beef, which had Chinese chili peppers, pineapple, onions, stir-fried beef, and a ginger garlic sauce, topped with crushed peanuts.


The sweetness of the pineapple nicely offset the chili spice and the beef was tender and flavorful. Definitely a cut above your standard Chinese food!

Matthew had the orange chicken, a traditional favorite that again was a notch above in quality.


All menu items come mildly spiced, but you can choose to make them spicy. Matthew and I both ordered the spicy versions of our dishes and found the heat to be present, but certainly not too strong.

I’m glad I finally got a chance to enjoy a meal at Pearl of the Orient! It’s easy to see why it’s a favorite for Chinese food in Cleveland! There is currently a special on the restaurant’s website for 10% off your dine-in purchase of $20 or more – click here for the coupon.

What restaurant has been on your “need to try it” list for awhile?


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  1. A friend of mine introduced me to her friend, and the 3 of us would go here all the time over our Winter Break from college. He ended up becoming my husband so this place will always be a special place for me!! So glad to read that it is still doing well. I need to stop in there next time I’m in town! Thanks for sharing!!

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