Why? Weekends!

It was a pretty relaxed weekend, which was definitely welcome after all the holiday hustle and bustle. On Saturday, I decided to both honor one of my New Year’s resolutions (get back to yoga) and cash in one of my Christmas presents (a 10-class pass to Harmony Yoga) at the same time.

It had been awhile since I practiced in a heated studio and I forgot how much the heat can take it out of you, especially after a 75-minute challenging flow. But it felt great to be back on my mat and I hope I can keep up a regular yoga schedule in 2015!


While I was yoga-ing, Matthew and Jeffrey were at a swim & gym class at the YMCA. It’s a great way for Jeffrey to learn, play with other kids, and get some one-on-one time with his Dad, too!

Saturday evening, Alicia, Amanda, and their husbands came over for a multi-purpose visit. First, they got to spend some time playing with their godson.


I love that Jeffrey has godparents who are close by and can get to see how he’s growing and changing!

Second, we ate massive amounts of delicious Thai food from Thai Orchid. This is my go-to take out spot and the food is always super tasty. I tried something new this time: the Thai Curry Puffs appetizer. Light, flaky dough is filled with chicken, vegetables and curry spices. Yum!

Third, we watched “Back to the Future,” which I had somehow never seen before!

PicMonkey Collage

I was motivated to finally see this 1980’s classic, since this year’s Playhouse Square Jump Back Ball theme is “Jump Back to the Future.” More on my thoughts on the movie and JBB prep later this week!

It was a really fun evening and we all agreed that we need more nights of just hanging out with take-out food, cozy sweaters, and good friends. As much fun as going out can be, staying in can be just the right thing too!

Sunday was another lazy, cozy day, as evidenced by how I found Matthew and Jeffrey when I got home from grocery shopping:


How was your weekend? Are you feeling a nice post-holiday-schedule slow-down?


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