Why? Grapes and Ale!

Friday night, Matthew and I got to take in the awesome Progressive Field renovations, enjoy tasty food and drink, and mingle with friends and fuzzy mascots alike at Our Lady of the Wayside‘s Grapes and Ale fundraiser.

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Much like the refreshed feel of Progressive Field, this event felt new and fresh this year. Matthew and I agreed this was our favorite Grapes and Ale so far! We got to check out the VIP area, with a special wine tasting of premiere reds and whites, as well as tasty appetizer from Spice Kitchen and Bar.

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The wine and beer selections at the main event were expansive and all available at your local Giant Eagle, which makes finding your new favorite very easy! I’ve always been impressed by the variety of libations at Grapes and Ale, but the food this year was at a new level in terms of variety and taste.

Barrio and Sweet Moses were two of the food providers and were able to use their new Progressive Field locations for service. We enjoyed a delicious chicken taco and some decadent sea salt caramel ice cream with fudge sauce from these local gems.

Hodge’s served up some addictive crispy pork rinds. But my favorite of the evening came from The Tree House Gallery and Tea Room, whose slider with both a pierogi and a sparkler made for a creative, delicious, and much-talked-about dish.


It was a great evening at Grapes and Ale. We were so impressed not only with the new feel of Progressive Field, but with the quality of the event as well. It was a good time for a wonderful cause!


***Disclosure: I was asked by Our Lady of the Wayside to help promote Grapes and Ale. In exchange, I received 2 complimentary VIP Majic of Wine Tasting tickets. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. From: JOE BIALEK
    Sent: Monday, June 29, 2015 4:39 PM
    To: rlennon@dioceseofcleveland.org
    Cc: jcrea@cleveland.com ; info@columbiawinery.com ; support@reservebar.com ; info@tomgorevineyards.com ; sales@savemesanfranciscowineco.com ; sponsorships@pernod-ricard.com ; info@cupcakevineyards.com ; leinielodge@leinenkugels.com ; info@bluemoonbrewingcompany.com ; info@gooseisland.com ; info@shocktopbeer.com ; glbcinfo@greatlakesbrewing.com ; info@samueladams.com ; booking@acemolar.com ; Cleveland Magazine ; Cleveland Magazine ; FOX8 ; MyHRconnection@gianteagle.com ; info@q104.cbslocal.com ; ckarmazin@goodkarmabrands.com ; lmizer@goodkarmabrands.com ; feedback@wmji.com ; cindyhunter@iheartmedia.com ; ldolan@indians.com ; mshapiro@indians.com ; RKodysh@indians.com ; tdavis@thewayside.org ; pbarker@thewayside.org ; tdonohue@thewayside.org ; bperez@thewayside.org ; jdixon@thewayside.org ; shargrove@thewayside.org ; info@dioceseofcleveland.org ; rtayek@dioceseofcleveland.org ; rpolomsky@dioceseofcleveland.org ; Hello@SpiceKitchenAndBar.com ; rgrammerstorf@Barrio-Tacos.com ; catering@corleonescleveland.com ; info@firehousegrilleandpub.com ; management@stripsteakhouse.com ; sm30becker@hotmail.com ; info@sweetmosestreats.com
    Subject: 2015 Grapes & Ale Experience


    On Friday, June 19, 2015 I noticed a article in the Plain Dealer written by
    Joe Crea for the annual fundraiser Grapes & Ale to be held at Progressive
    Field to benefit Our Lady of the Wayside on Friday, June 26, 2015 between
    7:00 PM and 10:00 PM. Spotting a opportunity to continue my “love tour”
    {looking for a wife} by attending various fundraisers in the hopes of {as my
    sister often told me} meeting nice people where nice people gather. I’ve
    never been to a event such as this not to mention one being used to raise
    money so I decided to make the scene.

    I arrived on or about 7:30 PM and expected only to stay two hours.
    Approaching the front entrance I encountered members of the volunteer
    sign-in group. All were very friendly and warm {tempered by a charitable
    attitude}. Determined then to consume some liquid courage I proceeded
    to the wine tables and was greeted by many of the volunteer wine samplers.
    From there it literally was off to the races. The $50.00 donation paid for a
    assortment of all-you-can eat food, wine, desert samplers etcetera. All of
    the samples were simply exquisite with perhaps the wine getting the better
    part of me until I began to consume other items on the menu as well as
    mingle with the so-called “Grey Poupon Mustard” crowd dressed like none
    other than Jethro Bodine.

    Upon entering the various “stations” I got a immediate sense of positive
    energy and well being generated by those who were attending as well as those operating all the displays, entertainment, food, etcetera. Everyone was nice and very accepting. Still you had the sense you were among friends even though I had never made the acquaintance of anyone prior to the event.

    All in all I would say this event was a success and I look forward to attending
    in 2016 and beyond. The Wayside volunteers demonstrated in the best essence of the cliché that while all of us strive to help others it is the people of Our Lady of the Wayside who {although not forced to} truly bear the burden much like Simon of Cyrene. This event will continue to be a success so long as this loving group of people decide to gather for such a worthy cause. Take care and see you in 2016. I’m Joe Bialek and I approve this message.

    To the people at Our Lady of the Wayside…this one’s for you:


    Joe Bialek
    4233 River Ridge Drive
    Cleveland, OH 44109

    PS: Feel free to use this letter in any way you see fit in order to promote
    this event in the future.

    “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was
    once eccentric.” Bertrand Russell

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