Why? Ingenuity Fest!

Coming up this weekend is one of Cleveland’s most unique and fun festivals: Ingenuity Fest. Starting today at 5pm and continuing through Sunday, North Coast Harbor and Voinovich Park will be filled with music, makers, and innovators.


The theme for this year’s Ingenuity Fest is Transitions: A New Festival for a Changing City. There will be five stages filled with awesome music. You can check out the entire schedule here.


Plus, if you ask me, Ingenuity Fest is one of the most visually stunning festivals you’ll attend. And it’s FREE! While some programs within the festival carry a nominal fee, the bulk of Ingenuity Fest programming is totally free.

The hours for Ingenuity Fest are Friday, October 2 from 5pm-1am, Saturday, October 3 from 12pm-1am, and Sunday, October 4 from 12pm-5pm. Come celebrate Cleveland’s ingenuity, spirit, and amazing transition!


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