Why? Kringle’s Inventionasium!

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, but even more so now that I’m getting to see it through Jeffrey’s eyes. The wonder and the magic of the season are even more present. We got a head start on our holiday magic this weekend when we toured Kringle’s Inventionasium.

Kringle’s Inventionasium is a Cleveland creation and a truly magical way to get in the Christmas spirit. From the moment you arrive, you are treated as a super special top inventor, who will help Mr. Kringle and his cohorts create toys and more.


You receive lab coats and are warmly welcomed by Mrs. Clara Deangelis Kringle and Charlotte Hollyhop, Mr. Kringle’s personal assistant.


As you make your way through the Inventionasium, you’ll receive “instant messages” from Mr. Kringle, like the one Charlotte is holding in this picture. They will tell you where to go and what Mr. Kringle needs you to do.

You’ll visit the Hall of Founders, where you’ll meet Taffeta “Taffie” Saltwater, as well as your personal tour guide for your trip through the Inventionasium.


You’ll get to explore the Brainstorming Room, where the inventors use magical foam to help create prototype toys.


And you’ll meet Professor Ignatius Glytch in the toy testing room and help to test some of the Mr. Kringle’s newest inventions.


Inventors will get to create their own unique puppets in the Puppet-Making Room under the guidance of Grace Atlas…


…and their own unique toys under the guidance of Ezekiel “Slick” O’Zackery.


And I almost forgot about the Everlasting Snow! You’ll help Oona “Blind” Eyebright to create one of Mr. Kringle’s newest and most amazing inventions: everlasting snow!


After all this hard work, you have of course earned yourself a private audience with Mr. Kringle himself.


Kringle’s Inventionasium is unique, spirited, and visually amazing. All of the folks you encounter in the Inventionasium are full of fun and want to make the tour an incredible experience for your child. When Jeffrey was completely smitten by the trains more than the puppet-making, Grace and our tour guide happily obliged and combined puppets and trains to make Jeffrey smile.


As a parent, there isn’t anything better than seeing looks of pure joy and wonder on your child’s face and meeting people who are completely dedicated to making those looks happen.


While Jeffrey had a great time, I will say that the recommended age of 3-and-up is spot on. There were definitely elements of the tour that he will get more out of as he gets older, plus he will be more able to understand the characters and transition from room to room quicker. Which means I can’t wait to go back and do it again in a couple of years, as the adults clearly have as much fun as the kids!


Kringle’s Inventionasium is open for self-guided and exclusive tours now through December 24. The self-guided tours include the chance to explore the Inventionasium for an hour, a private audience with Mr. Kringle, a coloring book, and a balloon. The exclusive tours include your own tour guide (who magically knows things like your favorite color, pets names, etc.), a photography package, and a featured toy, in addition to the things on the self-guided tour.

There are peak and discount rates for both types of tours. Spots are filling up fast for the exclusive tours, so check it out and book soon online.


And if your little ones are younger and not ready for the full Inventionasium experience, you can take advantage of the Kringle’s Quick Snap, which will get you a private audience with Mr. Kringle without the Inventionasium tour.

I am completely overwhelmed by the creativity, magic, and holiday cheer we felt at Kringle’s Inventionasium. For a fun time that is uniquely Cleveland, put this on your holiday must-do list!

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote Kringle’s Inventionasium. In exchange, I received a complimentary exclusive tour, as well as 3 complimentary train tickets. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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