Why? Yours Truly!

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a restaurant that appeals equally to kids and adults? Someone is always slightly happier with the choices, right? Well, this is why I love Yours Truly Restaurants so much. Jeffrey and I can both get a delicious meal and have a great time!


Recently, Jeffrey and I were invited to have lunch at the Chagrin Falls location of Yours Truly. Jeffrey was immediately intrigued by the on-table jukebox. Yours Truly has a comfortable, friendly, old-school atmosphere.

For lunch, I got to try an array of Yours Truly’s most popular starters. I was amazed by not only the quality, but the quantity of food on the table! I was presented with the sweet potato fries (with a yummy honey mustard sauce), the notso fries (decadent cheesy bacon cottage fries), and the fried artichoke hearts.


Then came the sliders with grilled onions and pickles.


And then came the buffalo chicken bites.


Oh my goodness! So. Much. Food. And all SO good! My favorites were the fried artichoke hearts and the sliders. It was all tasty comfort food that is perfect for sharing with friends.

Jeffrey enjoyed the grilled cheese with a side of applesauce. That face says hands off my grilled cheese!


Then came the take-home chocolate milkshake. I mean, how could I resist the soda fountain goodness of a chocolate milkshake? Of course, I had to share…


What a perfect lunch that appealed equally to both generations!

Yours Truly is featuring a special Cavs playoff menu right now, which has a selection of tasty treats, including the aforementioned notso fries and sliders, as well as breakfast items, a full-sized burger, and the All for One session IPA.

And, get this, when the Cavs win the NBA Finals (yes, I said when, not if), the Yours Truly location on Rockside Road will offer free food all day following the championship win!


What a cool way to celebrate the Cavs! Head on in to Yours Truly today to enjoy the special Cavs playoff menu and bring the whole family! And I’ll see you at the Rockside location on the day after the championship win!

***Dislcosure: I was invited to enjoy a complimentary lunch at Yours Truly in exchange for promoting the Cavs playoff specials. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. Peanuts mom

    My family and I have gone to YT forever! I remember being pregnant with my daughter and just enjoying natso fries and frilled chicken sandwich in Mayfield. Its 9 years later and its been a weekly weekwnd visit to either Hudson or Chagrin Falls. Every waiter and waitress lnows us and what we order. They also admire how big my daughter has grown since we first started to visit when she was a infant sleeping in her carrier. There isn’t much places that has good food, great wait staff and all around amazing atmosphere.

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