Why? Urban Farmer Pastry Class!

Have you ever wanted to see up close how professional chefs work their magic? Or score recipes directly from a fabulous restaurant? Well, Matthew and I had the chance to do just that when we attended a pastry class at Urban Farmer Cleveland this weekend.

Urban Farmer’s Pastry Chef Kara Swortchek demonstrated several delectable recipes, all suitable for making at home. All of Urban Farmer’s pastries and breads are made fresh in the pastry department using local farm-to-table ingredients. And the recipes demonstrated at the pastry class were no exception!

Participants in the class watched as Chef Swortchek demonstrated making Nutella cream filling, 1-2-3 dough, Caprese lemon-almond cake, lemon curd filling, and Italian meringue.

Then we got to get hands-on ourselves, making our own tarts and pastry horns.


Right before our eyes, strips of puff pastry transformed into this.


We also got to fill our baked treats with Nutella cream (PS – the “Nutella” is made in-house) and lemon curd and we even got to use a torch to brown the meringue on the tarts!


There was also molding chocolate to be creative with, as we got to make chocolate roses to top our Caprese lemon-almond cupcakes.

Those are wine and gold sprinkles made in-house. I’m #AllIn for the Nutella cream.


Not only did we get to take home a box of delicious goodies that we helped to create, but we also learned the recipes in the baker’s manual, as well as generally helpful baking tips. As people who love to cook and bake, it’s always fun for us to find new recipes and techniques.

Plus, Chef Swortchek was just a blast…really funny and educational, too! And she named her stand mixer the way some people name their cars. As a girl who inherited her grandmother’s Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I totally get it!

This was Urban Farmer’s first pastry class but I certainly hope it won’t be their last! Stay tuned to Urban Farmer’s website for more information about upcoming cooking classes and other special events.

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote the Urban Farmer pastry class. In exchange, I received complimentary admission for myself and a guest. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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