Why? Legacy Village Food Truck Mondays!

Yesterday was the perfect summer day to enjoy a bit of a picnic, which is why I headed to Legacy Village for one of their Food Truck Mondays. Held every other Monday through August, these events combine a selection of great food trucks, live music, and access to Legacy Village’s stores for a fun afternoon.

I enlisted the help of a fabulous “street team” (friends Elizabeth and Melanie, their kiddos, Jeffrey, and my mom) to gather food from the various trucks and report back on their findings.

My mom and Elizabeth both chose tacos from The Orange Truk for their lunches. Mom got the steak tacos and Elizabeth got the fried avocado tacos (each are 2 for $8).


Both sets of tacos garnered rave reviews! Mom loved the spiciness of the steak tacos. Elizabeth reported that the avocado tacos had nice, crispy batter with loads of fresh toppings and had the added bonus of being loved by her toddler daughter! That’s a definite win-win.

I snagged Jeffrey’s lunch from 216 Bistro, which offered a $5 kids’ grilled cheese, served with a small side of tater tots.


The bread was a bit crispier than Jeffrey is used to, but the cheese and tots were a hit! Plus he loved their jumbo chocolate chip cookie ($2).

Melanie reported in from the Manna Truck. She and her daughter enjoyed the caprese grilled cheese, with mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto, and the beef brisket with a cherry cola BBQ sauce and Gouda cheese.

Photo courtesy of Melanie 

Not only was the Manna Truck’s food tasty, but it supports a great cause. The Manna Truck creates jobs for formerly homeless men and women too! That’s one fabulous food truck lunch!

For me, I had a coursed lunch because I am incapable of resisting dessert. For my main dish, I went with Fork Fuel‘s BBQ brisket mac n cheese ($8).


This was decadent and delicious and completely worth the near-nap it induced later.

For dessert, I hopped over to Donut Lab and, dear readers, my life was changed by the Boston Creme parfait.

This is a parfait situation that involves mini donuts smothered in custard and chocolate and topped with whipped cream and another mini donut.


It’s as amazing as it sounds. The donuts were so fresh and crisp and light. And the idea of just covering them with the traditional donut filling…brilliant! Best enjoyed while listening to the live music offered at Food Truck Mondays, of course.

It had been awhile since I was at a food truck event and I forgot how much great food comes out of these kitchens on wheels, as well as how much camaraderie there is in checking out everyone’s food, chatting while you’re waiting in line, and such. It was a really fun afternoon!

The next Food Truck Monday at Legacy Village takes place on Monday, July 25, with Slyman’s Food Truck, the Orange Truk, 216 Bistro, Zydeco, Barrio, Chef Grey Wolf, Streat Mobile Bistro, The Beachcomber, and Off the Griddle slated to be on hand. Hope to see you there!

***Disclosure: I was asked to help promote Legacy Village Food Truck Mondays. In exchange, I received vouchers for use at the food trucks. As always, all opinions are 100% my own (or my street team’s, as it were).***


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