Why? Parker’s Downtown!

Last week, I met up with Mom for a swanky girls’ night at Parker’s Downtown, the restaurant in the new Kimpton Schofield Hotel. Parker’s Downtown boasts an interesting cocktail menu, as well as a diverse wine list of both glasses and bottles.

After selecting our drinks, we enjoyed a starter of soup. Mom chose the classic French onion soup and I went with the cauliflower soup, served with tarragon, curry oil, and king crab.

Both soups were delicious! I loved the crab, curry oil, and tarragon, which added complexity to an otherwise simple dish.

For my entree, I selected the roasted pork belly, with ash ravioli, miso broth, and brussel sprout leaves.


Not only was the pork belly beautifully plated, but it was incredibly tasty too! The pork belly was tender and really meaty. And the miso broth and delicate brussel sprout leaves were lovely and light additions to the meal.

Mom chose the pork tomahawk chop, with figs, whipped potatoes, and housemade BBQ sauce.


The plating of this dish, much like the pork belly, was impressive! And the taste was impressive, too. There are lots of elements to this dish, but they all worked together to create a great entree.

And then there was dessert…a chocolate peanut butter brownie a la mode for me and a vanilla bread pudding with bourbon sauce for Mom.

So decadent. So good. The perfect end to an all-around wonderful meal!

Parker’s Downtown is a great example of how hotel restaurants are being elevated to new heights and making great destinations, even for people not staying at the hotel that houses them. With it’s interesting menu, beautiful city street views, and fantastic service (our server Josh was so on point), Parker’s Downtown should be on your list for your next delicious dinner in Downtown Cleveland!


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