Why? Weekends!

It was a relatively low-key weekend, which is great because it feels like the next couple weeks are completely packed! On Saturday afternoon, Matthew, Jeffrey, and I went to visit baby Nolan, the new arrival for our friends Nathan and Lane.


Nolan is just precious and we couldn’t be happier for Nathan and Lane! Since you always take the new parents food when you visit, we stopped to pick up lunch at On the Rise Artisan Breads.

From my curry chicken salad to Matthew’s pork bahn mi to Lane’s burrata sandwich, everything looked, smelled, and tasted just delicious! There’s such care put into the food at On the Rise. And we couldn’t pass up the amazing chocolate chip cookies!

On Saturday evening, Mom and I headed to another John Carroll University Founders Day celebration, this time with the newly-founded Akron Canton Alumni Chapter. We went to a restaurant that’s long been on my list: Trattoria Vaccaro.

We enjoyed a sampling of flatbreads and cheese before settling in for a huge and delicious meal. We had a limited menu to select from, which didn’t skimp of the flavor. I chose the lasagna bolognese.


It’s honestly rare that I can’t (or don’t) finish an entree, but my goodness, this was gigantic! And so good! The bolognese was so flavorful and there was so much meat and cheese in each layer of the lasagna.

Mom selected the vegetable risotto, with zucchini, squash, and mushrooms. It was lighter than most risotto I’ve had and filled with flavor!


For dessert, we had our choice between a selection of decadent and delicious mini parfaits.


I’m so glad I was able to not only celebrate Founders Day with even more alumni, but also finally get to Trattoria Vaccaro! I will definitely be back to this warm, welcoming, traditional Italian spot.

Sunday, we had plans to attend a charity 5K at Jeffrey’s school in the morning, but Jeffrey was unfortunately feeling under the weather. So, a relaxing day at home was what was called for. With a little help from Heinen’s prepared foods on the potatoes, we made a delicious grilled chicken dinner (I am obsessed with Cidergeist Bubbles, FYI) and we wound down the weekend quietly.

Also, this weekend I shared my first post as a blogger for Northeast Ohio Parent. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to share our great Cleveland adventures on their site. I have found them to be required reading since having Jeffrey, so being a part of their team is truly an honor. You won’t see any changes here at Why CLE, but I’ll give you a heads up when I’m posting there (and if you’re not already familiar with the site, check it out!) 

How was your weekend? Are you feeling the oncoming busy-ness of spring in Cleveland?


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