Why? Yoga with Goats!

Yoga is getting paired with a lot of things these days: beer, wine, brunch, scenic locations…and goats. For me, yoga used to be outside my comfort zone. But since I started practicing nearly six years ago, practicing yoga has become my comfort zone. So, I love pushing my practice by trying new things paired with my yoga.



This week, I met up with my brave, up-for-adventure friends Katie and Anne to check out a yoga with goats class put on by Threads of Wellness at Downs on the Farm.


We practiced an hour-long class, surrounded by a gaggle of goats!


As we practiced, the goats would come over and hop up on us or snuggle up on the blankets covering our mats (we kept the mats covered because the goats try to munch them.)


Now, let’s be honest: it’s a bit hard to focus on the practice as goats are frolicking around you. But as we started to move more, the goats found places to settle down and we actually managed to get some yoga in (along with goat selfies.)

This goat is definitely eating my hair

I think two things that are essential in a yoga practice are the ability to focus through distractions and the ability to let go of yourself and your preconceived notions. Both of these came into play with yoga with goats.


Yoga is always teaching me things and opening me to new experiences, on my mat (that a goat may be trying to eat.)


If yoga with goats seems like something you want to try, here are some options:

  • Threads of Wellness puts on regular classes at Downs on the Farm in Amherst, which also double as a fundraiser for the farm.
  • Harmony Studios is hosting a one-time yoga with goats at Todd Field in Willoughby on Saturday, July 29, which doubles as a fundraiser for the Lake County Humane Society.
  • Soza Fitness and Wellness has recurring yoga with goats classes at Feels Like Home Farm in Kirtland, including a kids-friendly Goat Yoga on August 12 and a Goat Yoga and Wine Tasting on September 9.

However you practice, consider expanding the options of where you put your mat and who (or what) might be around it. Maaaa-maste!


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