Why? Northeast Ohio Rocks!

Don’t let the title fool you. I don’t mean like “Cleveland Rocks.” I mean actual rocks. Painted adorably and scattered around as an act of goodwill.


Northeast Ohio Rocks is a community that is homegrown, grass roots, and entirely adorable. We found our first painted rock in Cleveland Public Square back in April. Jeffrey was so excited by the rock painted to look like a crocodile. On the back of the rock was a message to post a picture of the rock on the Facebook group and re-hide it.


We found our next rock at Legacy Village, this one with the sweet and simple message, “Smile.”


Jeffrey has since hidden those rocks for others to find. And he loved seeing people post that they found them on the Facebook page!


We also picked up a couple plain rocks on our adventures and painted them to add to the Northeast Ohio Rocks family.


The Facebook group has grown to over 176,000 members, with rocks found everywhere from Cleveland to Australia! People take such time and care in painting the rocks and in finding fun places to hide them. And it truly brings such joy to find one.


There are other rock painting groups, too. For example, Jeffrey found this rock at Cedar Point painted by Erie Rocks.

Keep your eyes peeled for painted rocks and maybe try your hand at adding to those out and about in the community. For inspiration or to see where rocks are found, check out Northeast Ohio Rocks on Facebook and Instagram.

This simple act of kindness and fun that even a three year old can understand is such a cool and unselfish way to spread joy. I love that the gesture can span ages, regions, and abilities to touch everyone.


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    1. Chris Anderson

      I was part of this group, it’s how my family started painting rocks a month ago…I have since been deleted by the pages administration. After some research, I have found out they are extremely prejudice towards many different issues, religious Rocks, awareness Rocks, too many likes on your post, too nice of paintings (thinking your a professional promoting sales), the list goes on..
      It’s really too bad they hide like the very rocks in their group. They don’t respond to messages I have sent them either. Control is their game, and it’s a sad situation. Unfortunately, it will catch up to them, and their group will disband. I hope they change before that happens. Leadership is misguided…

  1. Pam

    We found our beautiful little painted rock at Headlands Beach in Mentor, so we bought it home and are going to place it in a fun place to be easily found!! Yay!!

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