Why? Limelight CoWorking!

As more and more businesses shift to work-from-home and remote opportunities and as more and more people harness their entrepreneurial spirit, there is a need for work space that is not your traditional, company-owned office.



Limelight CoWorking in Ohio City is a new, locally-owned option for people who want a focused place to work outside of the normal office environment. From inviting “soft areas” to tables to private office space, Limelight offers something for every style of worker. When I visited, I found myself floating from tables to these cozy chairs as I worked.


Limelight offers big and small conference rooms to conduct meetings, as well as “phone booths” to take calls or attend webinars.


Whatever work you need to accomplish, whether solo or in a group, you can find a space for it at Limelight. There are also printing and copying services, mail services, WiFi, and the all-important office snacks!

I spent the morning at Limelight and found everyone to be a nice balance of friendly and focused. The people working there were welcoming, but also had their own tasks to accomplish, so everyone was able to have a productive time in a comfortable space.

As someone who spends time floating in between coffee shops to get work done while Jeffrey is in school, I found Limelight to be a great option. This is a space dedicated to people getting work done, without the noise, distractions, and less-than-ideal environment of a coffee shop.


Limelight is beautifully-decorated, well-appointed with everything you could need to be productive, and, best of all, locally-owned to help Clevelanders find the work space they need.

There are different levels of Limelight membership to fit your needs, from single day passes for $45 to four or eight-day per month passes for $90 and $150 respectively to daily access for a month for $225. Contact Michele for more details and to sign up at 216-316-3013 or michele@limelightwork.com.

As we move away from traditional corporate jobs, spaces like Limelight allow for productivity and access to all the office niceties in a beautiful, relaxed environment.

***Disclosure: I was invited to a complimentary morning at Limelight CoWorking. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. I loved my time working at Limelight! Unfortunately it’s not within my budget right now to work there with any sort of regularity, but I’m so glad a space like this exists. It’s gorgeous!

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