Why? Birthday Girl!

It’s my birthday and I’m feeling pretty darn excited. Like any year, this last one has had it’s challenges; it’s ups and downs; it’s moments of joy and sadness.

But overall, I honestly feel like each year is getting better and better. So here’s my plan to make sure that continues into year 37:

More love, less hate.

More gratitude, less expectation.

More slow down, less speed up.

More laughter, less grief.

More yoga…OK, it might be hard to do more of that.

More ice cream…yeah, same thing.

More dedication, fewer commitments.

More unplugged, less disconnect.

More trust, less doubt.

More breath, less anxiety.

More us, less them.

More self-love, less guilt.

Thanks for your readership, your support, and being here for another year!



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