Why? Kindergarten!

Today is Jeffrey’s first day of Kindergarten.


From a new school, new teachers, and new friends to the fact that he’ll be gone all day to the uniforms that make him look like such a big kid, today is pulling at my heart.

I am so proud of him and so sure that he is ready. I trust that he will remember to be kind, to listen, and to learn. I know he will have wonderful experiences, as well as challenging ones.

Someone once said that to be a parent is to have your heart forever walk outside your body. My heart is in that Kindergarten classroom now and it is full.


To all the parents from the first day of preschool to the first day of college, we got this. They got this (partially because we helped them get there). And if you need some support, I’m a virtual cup of coffee (or mimosa, I don’t judge) away.


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