Why? Dinner in the Dark!

Last week, I attended a Dinner in the Dark event at 111 Bistro. These events bring together chefs from different restaurants to create a six-course tasting meal. Each Dinner in the Dark benefits a local non-profit. December’s non-profit was The Up Side of Downs.

We started our evening with an apple cider and rye cocktail from Tom’s Foolery Distillery and an amuse bouche from 111 Bistro.


As you can see, you remain “in the dark” about the menu until you are served each course, but are given picture hints. Each course is also expertly paired with wine.

Our first course was seared duck breast served over ravioli from The Corkscrew Saloon.


I’ve rarely met a duck dish I didn’t like and this was no exception!

Next up was a trio of sashimi from Twiisted.


Especially since I don’t get down toward Medina very often, it was nice to try so many local restaurants! This sushi was great!

Next up was a warm, comforting chutney from NEOMU.


Perfect for a cold December night!

Next up were scallops with butternut squash puree and morel chips from Wolf Creek Tavern.


This dish had a lot of elements, all of which went together so well!

Next was short ribs from DYNE.


With a six-minute egg, Brussel sprouts, and rutabaga puree, there was not a thing on the plate I didn’t love!

Our dessert was from our host 111 Bistro: a coffee tart that was decadent and delicious!


Dinner in the Dark is such a fun way to experience food from several different chefs. The next Dinner in the Dark takes place on Monday, January 13 at the Elyria Country Club. Tickets are $90 per person and are available online.

You need to be willing to be adventurous, since you won’t know the menu ahead of time, but you won’t be disappointed by the quality of the food and wine, as well as the camaraderie of the chefs. Plus, it all benefits a good cause!


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